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Calling Teachers and SNAs - if you would like some creative ideas for
Halloween & Christmas then this two hour hands on twin workshop is for you


Infant class - Second Class - October 11th at 7.00p.m

Halloween ideas:

  • leaf sun catchers, made with fallen leaves and contact paper, can be used as window decoration or in making a mobile

  • a tree picture using their own hand and arm as the outline of the trunk and then Autumn coloured leaves can be printed on with simple homemade cardboard leaf print or finger prints to resemble leaves.

  • Autumn wreath using fallen leaves( preserved in glycerin) /leaf prints/ leaf rubbing.

  • using preserved fallen leaves to make leaf people.

  • street scene at night: tetra packs and black paint used to create houses at night displayed against a sunset background

Christmas ideas:

  • felted stone- using process of wet felting.( gift idea)

  • salt dough cut into Christmas shapes for decorating a Christmas branch

  • simple fairy Angels for hanging on seasonal branch.


Third Class - Sixth Class - October 17 th at 7.00p.m

Halloween ideas:

  • making salt dough and using it to cut out Halloween shapes or making leaf prints, to hang on seasonal branch.

  • making own brooms using short stick and birch twigs/ brown paper bag

  • decorating leaves( eucalyptus especially good oaky oval shape) using white metallic pen ( using symmetry of leaf as guide) , can be used in a wreath after

  • sketching bare trees ( after nature walk) and then using sketch to paint a bare tree on a previously painted Autumn sunset sky( using wet on wet technique in watercolour paper)

Christmas ideas:

  • Felted soaps using process of wet felting with surface decoration  fairy Angels using wool roving/ silk

  • winter bird cakes for bird feeder

  • 3D paper star


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