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DATES:    JULY 2nd - 6th        TIMES:    9.30am - 2pm  (break 11.30am - 12 noon)      BACK

Classroom & Behaviour-Management, the Incredible Years Way

This course aims to provide primary teachers with the skills and understanding necessary for:
·Effective classroom management and organisation
·Promotion of social and emotional competence in children
·The formation and use of individual behaviour plans in primary schools

Teachers will learn about the following:
·How to build positive relationships
·Proactive strategies for developing a positive learning environment
·The importance of teacher attention, coaching, encouragement & praise
·How to motivate students through incentives
·How to deal with inappropriate behaviours
Reference will be made to the Incredible Years Programme
Venue: Clayton Hotel      Register HERE

Deputy Principal Summer Course (PDST Tánaiste)

Tánaiste is a leadership summer course designed specifically for Deputy Principals and Acting Deputy Principals, at Primary level, and provided by the PDST.  PDST School Leadership (Formerly LDS) have been delivering high quality CPD for school leaders since 2002.
The course provides opportunities for Deputy Principals to explore their leadership role in order to lead high quality teaching and learning in their school. It provides an opportunity to learn from facilitators and colleagues in similar roles with all resources having been designed or nuanced to reflect the deputy principal role.
The course has an emphasis on effective communication and conflict management strategies, on the Principal and Deputy Principal as a leadership team, distributed leadership as well leading change and positively impacting on the school’s learning culture.
Venue: Sligo Education Centre    Register HERE

Aistear: Play, Literacy and Numeracy (Infants)

Looking for new ideas for teaching literacy and maths in a playful way? Or perhaps, thinking about introducing child-led play in your classroom? If so, then register for this action-packed Summer Course which has been designed by the Association of Teacher/Education Centres in Ireland (ATECI) in collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA).
The course links with the new Primary Language Curriculum for junior infants to second class, which emphasises the importance of playful learning experiences for all children. It provides ideas for developing young children’s oral language, emergent writing and mathematical learning in a playful way.
The course draws on the key ideas in Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework (2009) and provides lots of practical ideas for using these in your infant classroom.
Take a look at other teachers’ resources for play and find out how they plan for, resource, support and assess learning through child-led play.
You will also hear about a variety of resources available on the NCCA’s website.
Venue: Mercy Primary School      Register HERE


An exciting new method for music in the classroom.
This course will introduce teachers to a new online resource, specially designed for primary music education.
Using a range of free interactive, online resources it will look at all areas of the primary school curriculum. Participants will become familiar with the lt dabbledoomusic.com website and its technical setup in the classroom, gain experience with a range of simple classroom instruments and learn how to organise group performance and composition in the classroom.
This course is designed to be practical, accessible and engaging for all primary school teachers regardless of prior musical experience.
Venue: Mercy College   Register HERE


This course will explore activities to promote the communication skills of all school age children. Teachers will come away with ideas suitable for children at primary school and will  address many areas including:

  • Attention and listening

  • Helping school age children understand spoken language and develop verbal reasoning skills

  • Helping school age children develop their expressive language

  • Phonological processing activities

  • Developing vocabulary and story writing and use of mind maps

  • Helping school age children develop their social skills

  • Helping school age children with unclear speech

Venue: Mercy College   Register HERE

Physical Literacy Move Well, Move Often

Physical Literacy is the ability to move with confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole child.
This summer course has been designed by PDST PE Advisors to support teachers in developing physical literacy, by focusing a lens on fundamental movement skills using the Move Well, Move Often resource.
The week will be fun and practical in nature and will include workshops on gymnastics, dance, athletics, games, outdoor and adventure activities suitable for teachers of all classes from Infants - 6th. By participating in this course, you will also gain valuable insight into the practical use of assessment strategies for PE, the School Self Evaluation process for PE and the Active School Flag.

By developing physical literacy in your PE programme, you can support children in continuing to participate in physical activity throughout their lifespan, enhancing their overall wellbeing.
Venue: St Edwards N.S.   Register HERE

Team Teaching for Literacy

This course will explore how team teaching can be used as an effective support model to meet the literacy needs of students in the mainstream classroom. Content will include an exploration of inclusion and identifying student priority learning needs in the context of the 2017 Guidelines for Primary Schools Supporting Pupils with SEN and The SEN Continuum of Support.  There will be a practical exploration of  the models of team teaching and how teachers can build effective collaborative relationships and innovate practice.  The course will explore in depth, with lots of practical classroom ideas and video samples, a range of literacy strategies suitable for team teaching including vocabulary development, the writing process, reading development and oral language instruction.
The content of this seminar reinforces the key messages of the Team Teaching for Literacy whole day seminars which rolled out during the 2017/18 school year and builds on the feedback from teachers who attended that training. The seminar will be delivered by PDST Associates who are practising teachers with expertise in this area.
Venue: Clayton Hotel   Register HERE

Blended Course Gaelic Games - Enhancing the  delivery of PE & Integration with other subjects

This course involves 3 days of face to face practical classes, followed by 8 hours of online modules
(must be completed by 20th July)
This course will be delivered by experienced Gaelic Games development tutors and offer participants an introduction to teaching Gaelic Games
·Advancement of pedagogical teaching, learning and management skills of PE curriculum
·Complimentary Learning resource pack for all participants

Venue: Summerhill College      Register HERE

Creative Craft Skills to enhance delivery of the Visual Arts Curriculum

Creative Craft Skills to enhance the delivery of the Visual Arts Curriculum is a hands-on exploration of Drawing, Painting, Fabric & Fibre, Printmaking, Clay & Construction.
Participants will :
·Plan and design craft based projects
·Explore themes, material and skills that support an integrated process led approach to the curriculum.
This course is run in collaboration with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s CRAFTed Programme.

Venue: Scoil Chriost Ri,Enniscrone    Register HERE

Teacher/Artist Partnership

A unique summer course that offers teachers the opportunity to explore the nature and educational value of partnerships between teachers and artists in supporting arts education in schools.
Are you looking to improve your understanding of arts education, to improve Arts Curriculum integration in your classroom, to work with a Partner in the field of 'The Arts' , to engage with a professional artist as a way of improving your own arts teaching skills?   Would you welcome the input and insight of a practising artist while teaching the children in your care?
If this idea excites you then this course is definitely for you.
Many schools across the country are engaged in projects with artists, ranging from one-off artist visits to longer term projects, and in a variety of art forms. If you are currently engaged in such a project or are planning one for the coming year, then this course will be of interest to you.
This course looks at the ways in which working with an artist in school can be enhanced in order to provide meaningful experiences for children and a lasting impact on school practice.
Particular emphasis will be on the role of the teacher and artist, their unique contributions to projects and the significant benefits that can accrue from a dynamic teacher/artist relationship in the planning and implementation of projects. Placing the teacher/artist project within the overall Arts Curriculum in schools and exploration of practical issues will be central.
The Course draws on research in the field and looks at practical teacher/artist projects and partnerships that have been undertaken in schools recently. Various art forms will be explored and participants will have opportunities to explore their own creativity throughout the week.
Course tutors are teachers and artists who have been involved in such projects and participants on the course will include both teachers and local artists.

Venue: Summerhill College      Register HERE

Exploring Local History

This course will provide participants with knowledge and experiences of their locality which will help them to create interesting and engaging lesson for their students.
Teachers will learn how to plan, resource, support and assess children's learning in History. Content includes: • studying a range of people and events in the past in order to develop a balanced understanding of local and national history • learning about the people, events, issues and cultural experiences which have helped to shape the local community and the environment • developing an understanding of chronology, in order to place people, events and topics studied in both a local and a broad historical sequence • acquiring an understanding of change and continuity, including those factors which may have caused or prevented change, and come to appreciate that events may have a number of causes and outcomes, particularly in the local area.

Venue: Sligo Education Centre    Register HERE

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practices (RP) are both a philosophy and a set of skills that have the core aim of building strong relationships and transforming conflict in a simple and emotionally healthy manner.
This Course Will:
·Provide participants with knowledge and understanding of the use of RP in schools
·Upskill participants to use RP to support their teaching practice
·Upskill participants to use RP to support their work and life outside the classroom
·Inspire and enable participants to use restorative skills in their work and life;
·Explore the potential of a Restorative approach for creating and maintaining a positive relational environment in the classroom and school as a whole.
Venue: Diamond Coast Hotel,Enniscrone   Register HERE

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