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Exploring Numicon for Teaching Maths
Edmond Scannell
April 24th(7pm)
Teaching and learning with Numicon requires children to be active - to actively learn and to do the mathematics for themselves.  Doing mathematics (i.e. thinking and communicating mathematically) with Numicon, explicitly involves illustrating in every activity through exploring relationships.
Specific Learning Objectives
Having participated in this presentation teachers will:
Acquire a comprehensive working knowledge of how the unique materials that comprise Numicon can be used to explore and develop a broad range of key mathematical concepts with their pupils;
Revise, refresh and utilise the key pedagogical approaches to the teaching of mathematics;
Better devise, resource and deliver mathematics lessons that are hands-on and full of potential & possibility for discussion and conversation.
Presentation Outline/Overview
1. Matching Shapes,
2. Ordering Shapes,
3. Counting to 5,
4. Understanding One More,
5. Odd & Even, Sorting,
6. Investigate Ordering & Make Generalisations,
7. Basic Adding & Subtracting,
8. Using Numicon Pegs,
9. Number Bonds to 10,
10. Number Square Patterns.

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Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

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