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Intercultural Education: Creating Inclusive, Affirming And Equitable Classrooms For All Children
Feeling a sense of belonging matters. It is particularly important for children who may be feel marginalised or excluded because of some aspect of their identity, be it, their ethnicity, skin colour, language or religious affiliation.
This webinar supports teachers to create classroom environments where every child feels included, affirmed, valued and supported in realising their academic potential. Research shows that when children feel a strong sense of belonging, they perform better academically and are happier. It will provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their relationships with minoritised children, their language use and biases, and how difference is visually represented in their classrooms. These issues are crucial as they legitimise and affirm certain values and identities and exclude others.

Talking about difference, particularly explicitly naming differences relating to ethnicity or skin colour can be daunting for teachers, who can feel fearful about hurting or offending children. In this context, this webinar supports teachers to talk and teach about difference and to address misconceptions and stereotypes which may result in prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behaviour.
Teachers will leave the webinar with a range of tools, strategies, approaches and resources which will support them to create positive intercultural classroom environments.

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