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The Promotion of Irish Language Storybooks and Literature in the Classroom as Part of the Primary Language Curriculum
Julie Anne deBrún @J-A-deBrun
March 22nd(7pm)
A major factor in the Primary Language Curriculum was to explicitly teach reading skills in both the English and Irish language/ Gaeilge to children. This in turn scaffolds their learning as they are being fully immersed in a text type and can appreciate the meaning of the text type before they even attempt to write in this genre by themselves.
Thus, children who have been fully immersed in a particular text type in English and then as Gaeilge, should have a good understanding of both of them. By linking Gaeilge to the same text type as English, and supporting them through banks of phrases, vocabulary and oral language practice to set them up for success.
Therefore, learning Irish is always successful when it’s contextual and purposeful. In practice, the children can grasp the concept of the text type through Irish, in order to be successful, but they need to be equipped with the correct vocabulary and phrases to write short stories or a fairytale as Gaeilge too. They also need to see this process as a fun but constructive way to learn.

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