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Using Puppets to Improve Communication Skills, Overcome Language Barriers and Teach Self-Control
Debbie Culllinane
Nov 23rd (7pm)

Puppets are a fantastic tool for the classroom.
Debbie Cullinane will outline ways in which you can use puppets effectively across the curricular areas.
  • Puppets can help to increase attention, learning and are fun and engaging.
  • Puppetry can help to improve upon communication skills, overcome language barriers, and teach self-control.
  • The addition of a puppet to a child’s world can positively influence them to become more comfortable and open up to their world
  • Puppets can become an integral part of the classroom environment.
  • They can be used to increase dialogue, modify inappropriate behaviour manage the classroom, or add an element of play to lessons.
  • Puppets are widely recognized for their beneficial influence on learning and social development.
This webinar is largely based on Siobhán Prendiville’s amazing work with puppets in therapeutic and educational settings. Siobhán’s background is in primary teaching and she is now an experienced child and adolescent psychotherapist, who specialises in play therapy and has many years of experience working with puppets.
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Contact Us:
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Contact Us:
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