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Supporting Childrens Well-Being & Resilience in the wake of Covid19
In the midst the Covid 19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for schools to focus on children’s well-being and resilience.
Many children have been severely impacted in different ways, and may be struggling with strong emotions including anxiety, fear, disappointment and grief.
However, it is important to realise that long-term negative effects are not inevitable, and with the right support, resilience can be developed and strengthened as a result of these challenges.
Schools and teachers can help children through this process through building and nurturing positive relationships and helping children to develop resilience skills, including emotional regulation and expression, enhancing positive emotions and developing self-efficacy.
Giving children the sense that they are cared for and supported also plays a vital role.
This talk will outline the background to developing children’s resilience and well-being and offer practical suggestions for teachers to support this process.

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